You think I can squeeze everything in About Me in just a line or two!?!?

It’s just not that simple… So go back to the top and click onto “About Me” again and hold it, then go to one of the pull-down items (“Jobs I’ve Done,” etc. etc.)

Then you’ll find out more About Me than you ever thought you needed!!

Jobs I’ve Done

Written as more of a “stream of consciousness” than anything else, I one day started to write down every job-type I’ve ever done… in no particular order. Some of them I’ve only done once, such as cabaret singer and construction crew clean-up, while others I’ve done a multitude of times, such as waiter, restaurant manager and calligrapher. I used to call this my “jerk of all trades” list, but somehow that was getting misconstrued.

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Things I Wanna Do

For lack of a better nomenclature, let’s just say this is my own personal bucket list. Will I ever get all of these things done, most likely not. However, I’d sure like to give it a try! Some of them would require a partner, while others are things I’d need to do on my own. Hey, a guys gotta dream, right? (And if any of them strike your fancy, too, please get in touch and let’s discuss!)

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Writing Ideas

I’d like to think I have a somewhat fertile mind and this list, basically, represents some of those fleeting thoughts that pop into my head, with the idea “some day I’m going to have to develop that idea.” Most of them tend to be ideas about a play or a TV show (or series), and a few of them are just random ideas. But please let me know if you see where I’m going with any of these ideas or concepts and maybe we can work on developing one or two of them.

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