Some Writing Ideas

“Embracing Average” (tv show where “average” people are interviewed, with some surprising results… maybe they’re not as average as they appear?? See: Unsung heroes, and “everyone has a story.”)

21st Century Michelangelo (reality tv show looking for an artist to “fill in” the blank ceiling at Blenheim Castle)

Shake Hands With Shakespeare (tv series where kids perform the Bard)

The Musical of Life (songs from musicals that tell the entire life cycle)

Gay Boys Gone Bad (tv series about gay killers)

First Impressions (travel series)

A Little, A Lot (tv series where you’re judged on how much you know about a wide range of topics, similar to “Mastermind” in the UK)

Huge (tv series about people, some divas, who are hugely famous in their country, yet unknown in the USA)

The Train Matchmaker (story about a ticket salesman who amuses himself by seating potential love matches next to each other)

Fake French (story/movie about a guy who goes into a cabaret in Paris and, drunkenly, goes up to the microphone and starts singing in his fake French… and becomes a sensation)

Travel 101: A Beginners Guide to Fearless Travel (written & edited)

Help! (tv series a la MASH about a group of emergency managers)

Ex-Pat Living (tv series showing the decision to be an ex-pat, and showcasing the good and bad parts of that decision. Could be subtitled “Getting a New Life”)

Teen Careers (a comic book that helps teens think smarter about their future)

Naked Straight Guys (a play, in development with Ronnie Larsen)

Viva Greece (a road movie about three Mexicans who work as dishwashers in a Greek restaurant and they’re always looking at the Greek travel posters… so they decide to visit Greece)

Moments of Exaltation (tv special showing times of triumph and pure joy, eg. VE Day, Berlin Wall Comes Down, Emancipation Proclamation day, etc.)

Survival Ship (tv series about a population of people who are living aboard an enormous freighter, a floating city. Crops are grown, desalination provides water, crude oil found at sea is processed for fuel. Life is hard, but people survive.)

Just Like Flo (tv series about people like Flo Ziegfeld, a man who really took risks. It spotlights similar people from today.)

Thomas Merton (play or movie about the famous Christian/Buddhist man who died very mysteriously in a bathtub)

Hidden Talent (tv series that showcases the little known/unknown talents of well-known people, i.e. a weatherman who sings, who knew that she can play the piano so well, etc. etc.)

OnStage Search (tv series a la “The Voice” or Star Search, but it showcases theatrical talent, i.e. people do cuttings each week, each week someone eliminated, etc. I’ve heard this has been tried before.)

White Lie (game show where people tell their personal story, but with “one little white lie” as a part of it… and the audience or guest panel guesses which part was a lie)

The Guard (story about a museum guard who falls in love with a particular painting… He obsesses about it, and can’t stand it when people ignore “her.” He takes dramatic measures to ensure people don’t ignore, or forget. It’s really a treatise on art appreciation and being biased, rather than obsession.)

Solitude (tv travel series about places in the world where you can go for peace and solitude)

Famous Travelers (tv series about famous but mostly unknown travelers-of-their-day, such as James Holman who traveled around the world in 1834-35 even though he was blind, and Anne Jane Thornton, who was a sailor and a cross-dresser in the 19th century.)

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