Things I Wanna Do

Things I still wanna do...or a very long bucket list...

Theatre or Film

• Produce “Death of a Salesman” with a real family cast as the leads, done environmentally in a rented house

• Sell my “Travel 101” book about how to travel fearlessly (possibly teach a workshop on this, too)

• Help the Physically Handicapped Actors League expand to other cities

• Direct my version of “My Fair Lady” (ask for details!)

• Start ENVI, an environmental theater festival

• Produce “Shake Hands With Shakespeare” for some cable channel geared toward kids

• Finish my post-2012 apocalypse screenplay, a theatrical scenario, based in caves

• Produce a DVD called “Naked Straight Guys” (with Ronnie Larsen) (Could do follow-ups: NSG Go Wild, NSG in London, etc. etc.)

• Start a new Documentary Film Festival (in Denver or similar)

• Produce a TV show called “Exaltation” – about all the moments of triumph in history

• Research the 18th century French Prophets

• Start a website: (URL purchased 08/2011)

Writing  (all involve some level of writing to make happen)

• Write a treatment for a movie/tv series about a group of dedicated FEMA workers (a la   M*A*S*H)

• Write a better musical based on St. Francis of Assisi and his love, Claire

• Write a screenplay about a group of survivalists who live on a freighter ship

• Write a series of travel stories called “First Impressions”

• Write a screenplay about a group of Mexicans who work in the kitchen of a Greek restaurant… and they decide to go to Greece ( a road movie )

• Write a comic book aimed at helping teens choose the right career path

• Write a book about famous travelers throughout history

• Write the story of “Sally,” a very provocative trannie who has quite a story to tell

• Write a TV series about the history of famous travelers, most heretofore unknown

Business (With Others)

• Consult on a “new-age” bowling center (all of the ideas are ready to go!)

• Develop the tabletop game of marbles

• Start a retirement home for gays

• Find a location to establish a Tiny Home community for Baby Boomers

• Work for the New American Musical Theatre Festival in NYC

• Talent scout around the world for Cirque du Soleil

• Work for UNESCO, UN, USAID or USO

• Be a personal assistant to Kevin Spacey, Stephen Sondheim or Chris Rock

• Open a soup and pie shop (two foods you’re always in the mood for)

• Produce a TV show about singing divas from around the world (every city has one)

• Start a website and magazine all about high school musicals around the country

• Work on “The World” – the famous seafaring condo

• Open “Santa Café,” a coffee/wine bar featuring my Santa Claus collection

• Produce a reality show called “America’s Funniest Flight Attendant”

• Produce a New Worlds Fair, to give hope to kids like the ones did in ’39 and ‘64

• Produce a new TV series about people who are ex-pats from the United States

• Open a restaurant that only prepares recipes from the previous months food magazines

• Produce a “star search” type TV series, but feature actors instead of dancers or singers

• Run a piano bar in either NYC, Dublin or Cape Town

• Open a “hip” Chinese language school, called “Kung Pow”

• Become a green consultant: Help people figure out to be more environmentally aware

• Start a Digital Storytelling company

• Open a “Guerrilla drive-in,” which is just what it sounds like

Business (Solo)

• Be a gap year consultant (possibly do a workshop on this? Like at CFU?)

• Teach English as a Foreign Language somewhere like Turkey, Brazil or Laos

• Be a self-employed project manager, doing one-off projects (i.e. finish and move on)

• Become a restaurant “tune-up” consultant using my 182 point inspection

• Start a company where you don’t offer advice, only listen: A Professional Listener

• Become a Professional Cuddler

• Start “Men In Kilts,” a window washing company

• Start “Galapakid,” a company that takes kids on trips to the Galapagos Islands

• Be a travel companion (to a very wealthy person?)

• Be a professional downsizer

• Be a life coach (since I’ve done so many different things…)

• Be a global “gadabout,” or global resource for those who can’t or won’t travel

• Create a website called “,” where you post your dreams to the web

• Learn how to be a baker. Preferably a pie baker.


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